MC TXT (emcee tee ex tee) is the first to bring you the storytelling power of freestyle rap fed with audience generated lyrics via text messaging.

The audience sends in text messages to a provided number. The messages are fed to the emcees as they take turns flipping them up into rhymes. It's all live and spontaneous and they don't know what's coming. It's fast, it's furious and not for the faint of heart.

Beyond the interactive performance MC TXT brings the all night party with DJ's and live visuals to please any crowd.


Artists Involved:

Baldi - site
Folklore - site
Homeboy Sandman - site
iLLspoKinN - site
Never Yet Contested - site

Kunal Merchant - site

-TXT jockey-
Paul Notzold - site


For more info about the project:
Paul Notzold

For Club Bookings:
Jeff Garibaldi
Tru Statement Entertainment
email | 908.337.3475

For College Bookings:
Jennifer Bair
NUDE Booking
email | 615.972.8514


MC TXT is a TXTual Healing Project. Copyright © Paul Notzold All Rights Reserved